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For too long we have calculated our dive plan on a square profile. We set for constant depth and bottom time to help us define total run time and Total Time to Surface.  This process was managed by a rule that dictated, “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” The need for this rule lies in the lack of flexibility that square profiling offers.

Does a square plan resemble the way we dive? What if the diver does not achieve their max depth for the intended time? In that case, the diver should have more bottom time available than previously intended. What if the dive exceeds his planned depth? We will then have less available bottom time. But how will the diver know that limit? Square profiling will not allow for these circumstances. It is inflexible and is therefore incapable of in-water updates.

Diving is dynamic. Square profiling is inflexible.  Applying an inflexible approach to a dynamic process is a contradiction of terms and leads to a limited potential.

Trudive, used in tandem with a real-time computer allows for a variable range of depth and time by focusing on Time To Surface.  When we quantify the value of our gas in relation to our maximum available Time To Surface, we can then dive within a reasonable range without exceeding our resources of gas to the surface. 


Welcome to TruDive


The TruDive concept


Your dive computer tells you how much time it will take to reach the surface but it does not tell you how much gas you need. Trudive forecasts the amount of gas you have and translates its time to surface. We like to call it “time in a bottle”.

 A technical diving computer used in tandem with Trudive makes you the most informed diver on the things that count most.

 Because computer diving is dynamic and we need a dive planner that offers you a forecast that is also dynamic. Planning with TruDive keeps us within our intended limits while we vary our depth and time.

By defining the value of your total gas supply to the surface, you can now allow your TTS to dictate the limits of your dive. The days of fixed square profiling that offer you limited information are over.


Plan correctly


Unlike other dive planners, TruDive creates your dive plan based on you available resources, your bailout gas. Simply tell TruDive how much gas you have and it tells you how long you can dive across a range of depths. 

Why don't all planers work this way? 


See it in action: